Volunteer Roster for this weekend.Updated version 13th February

Dear all

Please find the Roster HERE

Please email if you can fill any gaps -  rather than going to sign-up Schedule from this time forward.

If you would like to get some experience in a role and that specific role is already filled it will be possible for you to buddy up with a more senior TO. Just email to organise this.

Loaders please wear your Club t-shirt or QWA shirt, and closed in shoes are a must.

Computer operators please wear your Club t-shirt  or QWA shirt.

Technical Officials need white shirt, navy pants/skirt/dress shorts. No jacket required. Please bring your Blue Cards.

Light refreshments of sandwiches, tea/coffee/water will be available in the VIP room during the competition. Remember to bring your water bottles. Snacks to share will be very welcome.

See you all on the weekend!


Published on 11 Feb 20 - 17:22