QWA Newsletter - November 2013

21st November 2013

JME Queensland Club Challenge
The 2013 JME Queensland Club Challenge concluded this month with the fourth and final round of Club competitions.

The Cougars Weightlifting Club clinched the competition again this year, posting the highest score in each and every round.

The Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club finished strongly, but the Toowoomba Weightlifting Association also made a big effort in Round 4 and held the challengers at bay to retain second position, leaving the Sunshine Coast in third place, by a small margin.

JME Weightlifting & Fitness Equipment  will be awarding prizes to the top three Clubs this year and JME has committed to increasing their sponsorship of the competition again next year.  With more prizes from JME and more Clubs coming on board, the 2014 season promises to be even bigger and better.

2013 JME Queensland Club Challenge Points Table:

Rank Club Round 1 Round 2 Round 3  Round 4 Total
1 Cougars Weightlifting Club 788.124 745.260 733.840 826.455 3093.679
2 Toowoomba Weightlifting Association 673.983 650.717 642.491 721.648 2688.839
3 Sunshine Coast Weightlifting Club 680.008 642.959 603.137 749.390 2675.494
4 Gold Coast Weightlifting Club 475.527 555.007  602.000 628.495 2261.029
5 Cairns Green Ants 519.899 552.822 665.009 299.128 2036.858
6 Ironskull Weightlifting & Fitness 619.004 550.404 564.211   1733.619
7 CrossFit Foxes Weightlifting Club 453.130 301.969 350.290 497.071 1602.460
8 Death Alley Barbell Club 658.890 526.193     1185.083
9 Milton Weightlifting Club    538.165 480.278   1018.443
10 North Brisbane Honey Badgers 244.467 322.671     567.138
11 CrossFit Explosive Weightlifting Club   542.748     542.748
12 St Andrew's Weightlifting Club     148.733 337.787 486.520
13 Whitsunday Weightlifting Club       170.919 170.919
14 Darkside Barbell Club       170.565 170.565

QWA League & Masters League Grand Final
The QWA League and QWA Masters League Grand Final, held at the Cougars Weightlifting Club on November 16th, is the subject of our Feature Article this month. CLICK HERE for the full story and pictures.

QWA On-Line
When it was launched in 1998, the QWA’s website was one of the first for weightlifting on the internet. The site has undergone many upgrades and improvements since that time and its creator, Miles Wydall, continues to add new features and functions to help the QWA and its members make better use of the available technology.

Recently, a data search facility was added to the website to enable members to quickly and easily check their membership expiry date, etc.  This also assists Clubs to comply with the AWF Capitation By-Laws by allowing them to check that participants in official competitions are registered members of the sport.

CLICK HERE  to check the current QWA membership data.

Miles is working on some new projects for the QWA at the moment, including on-line registration for QWA events and on-line membership renewal.  We hope that these services will make it even easier for people to get involved in weightlifting.  Watch for further developments in the New Year.

QWA You Tube Channel
The QWA now has a You Tube channel and we plan to record State events and make them freely available to the world via this medium.  We have the equipment and know-how, but to make this happen we will need the assistance of volunteer “camera operators” at each event.  The job doesn’t require the skills of Stephen Spielberg, just the ability to push an on/off button.

CLICK HERE  to check out the 2013 Qld All Schools Championships and the QWA League & Masters League Final.

Roll on 2014
2014 will be another big year for weightlifting in Qld.  Not only will we have our usual schedule of annual State and Club events, but we’ll also be hosting National competitions in March and April.

The venues for next year’s QWA competitions will be finalised in December, but in the meantime CLICK HERE for the draft calendar showing the dates of 2014 State, National and International events.

Date Claimers
• AWF National Weightlifting Coach Course (Level 3), 17th – 19th January 2014. CLICK HERE to register.
• QWA League & Masters League Round 1: 15th – 16th February 2014
• AWF Commonwealth Games Team Nomination Trials: 15th March 2014 on the Gold Coast
• AWF National Clubs Tournament: 3rd – 6th April 2014 at Chandler, Brisbane

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to check for the latest info, news, results and more.

Published on 21 Nov 13 - 17:24