QWA League & QWA Masters League Grand Final

2013 QWA League & Masters League Grand Final

The QWA’s League competition consist of four preliminary rounds held during the year, leading to  a Grand Final which usually takes place in November.  Lifters accumulate points when they compete in the rounds and the top five in each Division qualify for a place in the Grand Final. 

This year, as always, Grand Final day began with the Masters session. The five women and five men in this group launched the event in fine style with very few failed attempts. The competition lead changed many times, up until Coral Quinell set the highest score on her last clean & jerk, leaving Bronwyn Hitchener as the final challenger. Having set a new Masters Record in the snatch, Bronwyn called for 70kg for her third clean & jerk to win. Unfortunately for Bronwyn, this was her only “no lift” of the day and Coral remained in number 1 spot.

Coral Quinell (Milton), winner of the 2013 QWA Masters Women’s League

Bronwyn Hitchener (Toowoomba), 2nd place

Lesley Moyle (North Brisbane), 3rd Place

In the Masters Men’s competition, Trevor Walz set a cracking pace that none of the other competitors could match, eventually succeeding with all attempts and posting the highest score. Barry Harden settled into second place at the end of his run, but at that stage, Michael Teede still had a couple of attempts up his sleeve. First place was out of Michael’s reach, so he set his sights on second and called for a 9kg increase to 117kg for his final attempt. Michael cleaned the weight strongly but wasn’t able to complete the jerk.

Trevor Walz (Sunshine Coast), winner of the 2013 QWA Masters Men’s League

Barry Harden (Sunshine Coast), 2nd Place

Michael Teede (CrossFit Foxes), 3rd Place

QWA League Grand Final
In the QWA League Grand Final, lifters compete within four Divisions and the winner of each Division is awarded a cash prize and the chance to double their winnings in a head-to-head bonus round.

Division 1
One of the five finalists had withdrawn from Division 1 the day before, leaving four contenders for the title, including a veteran of numerous League Grand Finals, Luke Gardner, National Senior Championships bronze medallist Ben Shaw, and Australian Junior Team members Jake Daniels and James Norman.

Ben Shaw performed faultlessly to win by a comfortable margin, but he aggravated a niggling injury in the process which eventually made him decide not to contest the lift-off later in the day. By that time, Jake Daniels, who had finished second in the group, was at home more than 100km away and he declined the offer to return for the “Lift-Off”. So Luke Gardner agreed to sub in as the Division 1 contestant for the bonus round.

Division 1 winner Benjamin Shaw

Division 2
This was another four-cornered contest, with Dale Finlayson being the thorn among the roses – Bonnie Sleeman, Jenny Butler and Stacy Koh.

As in Division 1, the lifter who secured all attempts came out on top. Although Jenny Butler set new Australian Masters Records, Dale Finlayson achieved six good lifts and a new personal best snatch to win.

Division 2 winner: Dale Finlayson (Alive Barbell Club)

Division 3
This group delivered the closest competition of all the Divisional Finals. Hayley Ward, Pat Galligan, Jake Ratcliffe and Doug Higginson didn’t miss a beat in the snatch segment. James Pakchung suffered a setback when he failed his third snatch, but even that didn’t put him far behind and he stayed ahead of the pack through the clean & jerks, right up until the last attempt of the competition.

Jake Ratcliffe’s campaign faltered when he became light headed after standing out of the clean on his last two attempts and failed to complete either of them. Pat Galligan lifted consistently and achieved new personal bests in snatch, clean & jerk and total, picking up the maximum number of bonus points. James was sitting in 1st place with only Doug Higginson left to finish and Doug punched out a solid 131kg clean & jerk to take the title.

Division 3 winner: Doug Higginson (Cougars)

Division 4
None of the four lifters in the Division 4 final had much more than a year’s experience on the platform and new personal bests were the order of the day for this group. Josh Mak, Keya Woodland and Nadine Newbery all missed one attempt in the snatch, giving Mike Ward an advantage that he capitalised on and maintained through to the end of the competition. Mike didn’t put a foot wrong and was able to stick to his plan, eventually taking out Division 4.

Division 4 winner: Michael Ward (Gold Coast)

Bonus Round
And so the competition moved on into the Bonus Round. This is where the four lifters choose either snatch or clean & jerk; begin with 90% of their Personal Best; and lift in turn while the weights are progressively increased by 2.5% in each round until there is only one lifter left who hasn’t failed an attempt.

Dale, Luke and Michael chose to perform the clean & jerk; and Doug chose the snatch. With the lifting order set by the competitor’s scores from the Divisional Finals, Dale started things off with 117kg, followed by Luke on 152kg, then Mike at 99kg and finally Doug on 96kg to complete the first round. All four moved through the next two rounds without a fall. Luke Gardner was the first one out, at 100% which equated to 169kg.

Dale, Mike and Doug all completed their 100% attempts, but Dale and Mike couldn’t get past that mark, missing their 102% attempts in the next round. This made Doug the winner and he could have called it a day right there, but with nothing to lose, he decided to take one more lift and with that final attempt, the QWA League which had begun in February was over for another year.

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