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Club FAQ

  • What is club affiliation
    An Affiliated Weightlifting Club is a group or association that:
    • Includes seven or more QWA members
    • Promotes participation in QWA events and programs
    • Applies to the QWA for affiliation and is accepted
    • Pays the annual QWA Affiliation Fee of $100.00
    • Appoints a Club President, Secretary and Treasurer
    • Nominates a person to represent the Club at QWA General Meetings
    • There is no requirement for the club to have an AWF qualified coach however its recommended

    Benefits of Affiliation:
    • Clubs are included in the Australian Weightlifting Federation policy for Public Liability Insurance
    • Club members are associated with the Club name in competitions and published results
    • Clubs can conduct official Club Weightlifting Competitions at their own place
    • Clubs can host State Weightlifting Competitions, subject to venue suitability
    • Every Affiliated Club is entitled to vote at General Meetings of the QWA

  • Can a club hold weightlifting competitions in their own gym?
    The QWA encourages affiliated clubs to hold competitions in their own spaces.

    There are some basic rules and regulations that must be followed for the competition to be accepted as an official weightlifting event:

    1) The host club must be affiliated to the QWA;
    2) The competitions must be listed on the official QWA Events Calendar at the beginning of the year. Competitions cannot be added later, but dates can be changed with 14 days notice;
    3) All competitors in the events must be QWA members - this can be checked on the QWA Members Database;
    4) There must be at least three (3) competitors in any event;
    5) At the competition, there must be a weigh-in period of up to one (1) hour which ends no more than one (1) hour prior to the commencement of the competition for each group of lifters;|
    6) All lifts in the competition must be judged by three (3) Weightlifting Referees of at least AWF Club Referee qualification all referees must be current AWF members.
    For Queensland State Records to be validated, the record attempt must be judged by two State level or higher Referees and one Club level or higher Referee. For Australian National Records to be validated, the record attempt must be judged by two National level or higher Referees and one State level or higher Referee. Stand-in referees of the appropriate level of qualification can be used for Record attempts.
    7)The competition results must be submitted to the QWA within five (5) days of the event.
    8) The minimum weight used must be a 15Kg competition bar.

    The QWA provides training and advice to help Clubs organise and run weightlifting competitions.
    We strongly recommend that Clubs use the free competition management program created and supplied by Michael Noonan, to record the results of all competitions. Video Tutorial on how to use the program.

    The QWA can provide the latest version of Michael Noonan’s program and instruction manual to affiliated clubs on request. The program requires Microsoft Windows to run. You need to install a program like Parallels Desktop if you have a Mac. Michael Noonan reserves all rights to his program and Clubs are not permitted to further distribute any copies of it.

    The QWA guide to organising weightlifting competitions can be downloaded here also
    Club Weigh In Form and Club Score Sheet