QWA League 2015 Begins on 21st February

This year's QWA League & Masters League will commence with Round 1 at the Cougars Weightlifting Club, Chandler, on Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd February.

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Entries close on Friday 6th February.

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QWA News Bulletin - December 2014

22 December 2014

As 2014 draws to a close, we can look back on what has been an extraordinary year in the life of the Queensland Weightlifting Association.

The organisation continued to grow and increase its reach across this big State of ours.  There are many major population centres dotted along Queensland’s coastline and it has been the dream of successive QWA Management Committees to “join the dots”, so to speak, with weightlifting clubs.   This year brought that dream closer to reality, with affiliated weightlifting clubs now located at the Gold Coast, Logan, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Mackay, Airlie Beach, Townsville and Cairns.  And not forgetting Toowoomba and Miles, in the south west.  Next year, KB Barbell Club at Hervey Bay will fill in one more gap.

2015 Events Calendar
There will be over 100 State and/or Club competitions scheduled in Queensland next year.  As well as the usual Championship events and the QWA League & Masters League, 2015 will see the introduction of two new competitions: the North Queensland Open and the Central Queensland Open.  These two regional events have been created in response to calls from members in the central and northern parts of the state who have risen marvellously to the challenge of making their local weightlifting program bigger and better.  In addition, the JME Queensland Club Challenge is back for another year.  Four Rounds of the JME Queensland Club Challenge will be held in over 20 Clubs in 2015.

Queensland will also host the Olitek National Youth & Under 15 Championships next year, at St Laurence's College, South Brisbane.

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2015 QWA League & Masters League Round 1
As always, the first State level event of the year will be Round 1 of the QWA league & Masters League.  This competition will be held at the Cougars Weightlifting Club, Chandler, on 21st & 22nd February 2015.

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Competition Entry Fees
From 1 January 2015, QWA competition entry fees will increase to $25 per competitor.  The additional $5 per lifter will go to the club hosting the particular event, to help them with the costs of providing the venue, equipment, catering for volunteers, etc.  All QWA competitions have grown in size in recent years and although the QWA office provides much of the competition equipment and various support services for State events, there can still be a considerable strain on the host club’s resources.  The QWA Management Committee has made this decision to ensure that maintaining a high standard of delivery for State events doesn’t become a financial burden to clubs.

The Elusive 500th Member
With membership applications rolling in throughout the year, it seemed as though it was just a matter of time before the QWA hit a new PB of 500 registered members in one year.  But alas, time has run out with 496 on the board.  So close!  That’s still more than last year; and we still have the nice round figure of 500 to chase in 2015, so there’s really no cause to complain.

As provided for in the QWA Constitution, membership fees will increase by $1 in all categories in the New Year.

Miles and Angela Wydall are currently working on adding features to the QWA website that will make it possible for members to renew their membership and enter competitions on-line.  This should be available early in 2015, but in the meantime, the old application and entry processes are still in place.

CLICK HERE  for the 2015 QWA Membership Application form.

Australian Weightlifting Federation Board of Directors
Damon Kelly was elected to the AWF Board of Directors by the Members at the AWF Annual General Meeting held in Melbourne last month.  Damon was nominated by the QWA as a candidate for this position and we congratulate him on his electoral success.

Damon is the first Queenslander since 2007 to hold a position as an Elected Director of the AWF, and just last week another Queenslander, Deborah Acason, was appointed by the Board to join their number.  The Directors who will steer the Australian Weightlifting Federation into 2015 and beyond, are:

Ms Danielle Waller   Elected Director and Chair
Mr Lyn Jones   Elected Director
Mr Damon Kelly   Elected Director
Mr Phil Maunder   Elected Director
Mr Pedro Sanchez   Elected Director
Mrs Deborah Acason   Appointed Director
Ms Leanne Goldsworthy   Appointed Director

QWA Office Closure
The QWA office will be closed from Tuesday 23rd December to Monday 19th January, while the General Manager takes annual leave.  The QWA Management Committee and Staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy and safe New Year.



The Queensland Government provides funding for the Queensland Weightlifting Association to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.

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Olitek 2014 National Senior & Junior Championships Results Book

CLICK HERE  for the full Results Book of the Olitek 2014 National Senior & Junior Championships, compiled by Jacquie White, the Victorian Weightlifting Association's Operations Manager.

Published on 17 Dec 14 - 13:48

Queensland Dominates the Olitek National Championships

At the recent Olitek 2014 National Senior & Junior Championships, many of the Melbourne locals described the warm conditions as “Queensland weather”. How appropriate that was. Because, while the sun shone brightly outside, Queensland’s lifters were on fire inside the Eleiko Victorian Weightlifting Stadium, home to this year’s “Olitek Nationals”.

With 54 lifters, Queensland pipped the host state by one, to be the largest contingent at these Olitek National Championships. And it was a team of quality as well as quantity, supported by coaches Miles Wydall (Head Coach), Angela Wydall, Greg Hobl and Craig Wegert; and Team Manager Tony Ropati-Frost.


In a field of 59 women and 121 men, Queensland’s lifters won a total of 9 Gold medals, 12 Silver medals; and 6 bronze medals.

In the Best Lifter stakes, Erika Ropati-Frost and Deborah Acason came 1st and 2nd respectively, in the Senior Women’s category.


Leo Lark was the Best Junior Male Lifter


and Michelle Kahi finished 3rd among the Junior Women.


Queensland won the Team shields for Junior Men; Junior Women; and Senior Women.  These 2014 titles are now added to the National Youth Men’s; Youth Women’s; Under 15 Men’s; and Under 15 Women’s shields that Queensland's younger lifters won back in October.

Victoria won the Senior Men’s shield, which is the only national team trophy that Queensland didn’t win this year. Seven out of eight is a great result, but we can’t rest on our laurels if we want to make it a clean sweep next year.  Look out 2015, the Queenslanders are coming!

CLICK HERE  for the results of the Olitek 2014 National Senior & Junior Championships


The Queensland Government provides funding for the Queensland Weightlifting Association to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.

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QWA League & QWA Masters League Grand Finals

17 November 2014

QWA Grand Final Fever

While South East Queensland prepared for record-breaking temperatures over the weekend, the hottest spot for weightlifting was the Gold Coast Weightlifting Club, where the QWA League and QWA Masters League concluded with the Grand Finals of each event.

Five women and five men contested the QWA Masters League Grand Final. Bronwyn Hitchener (Toowoomba) won the women’s section and Trevor Walz (Sunshine Coast) won the men’s.

In the QWA League Grand Final, the winners were Division 1: James Pakchung (Milton); Division 2: Beau Garrett (Gold Coast); Division 3: Lucy Graham (Cougars); and Division 4: Justin Newbery (Alive). And Beau Garrett won the lift-off in the Bonus Round.

For the first time, all six Grand Final winners were from different Clubs.

CLICK HERE  for the results of the QWA Masters League Grand Final

CLICK HERE  for the results of the QWA League Grand Final


The Queensland Government provides funding for the Queensland Weightlifting Association to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.

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