Qld Teams Selected For Olitek National Championships

21 October 2014

The largest Queensland contingent ever to travel to a national weightlifting championship will descend upon Melbourne next month for the Olitek 2014 National Senior & Junior Championships.

58 weightlifters will represent Queensland over three days of competition at this year’s Olitek Nationals, commencing on Friday 28th November. The Queensland Team will be supported by four appointed Team Coaches.

From the overall pool of 58 athletes, the QWA has nominated the lifters who will accrue points in the National Team Championships. The selection of athletes to make up these “teams–within–a–team” is based on their current National Ranking and limited by the competition regulations to 8 men and 7 women, with no more than 2 athletes in the same bodyweight category, plus 2 reserves per team.

The Queensland Contingent:

Head Coach Miles Wydall
Coach Angela Wydall
Coach Greg Hobl
Assistant Coach Craig Wegert

Senior Men’s Championships Team

Category Athlete Name
62kg David Hockins
69kg Michael Ward
77kg Mitchell Delbridge
77kg Benjamin Shaw
94kg Luke Gardner
105kg Regan Hams
105kg Linzey Beister
+105kg Damon Kelly
Reserve (69kg) David Capill
Reserve (77kg) Jonathan Pakchung

Senior Women’s Championships Team

Category Athlete Name
48kg Mary Barter
53kg Erika Ropati-Frost
58kg Jessica Lai
58kg Tia-clair Toomey
69kg Michelle Kahi
75kg Keya Woodland
+75kg Deborah Acason
Reserve (53kg) Taylor Ryan
Reserve (+75kg) Bonnie Sleeman

Junior Men’s Championships Team

Category Athlete Name
56kg Liam Hanlon
69kg Mitchell Eichmann
69kg Joshua Mak
77kg Leo Lark
77kg James Norman
85kg Barry Havenga
94kg Shane Wagner
105kg Marcus Lewis
Reserve (77kg) Alex Bax
Reserve (77kg) Matthew Warren

Junior Women’s Championships Team

Category Athlete Name
58kg Georgia Gaffney
63kg Paige Kimmince
69kg Michelle Kahi
69kg Lydia Olsen
75kg Emma Zawila
+75kg Alyssa Collins

Senior Men

Category Athlete Name
69kg Sean O’Neill
77kg Leo Lark
77kg Beau Garrett
77kg James Norman
85kg Dale Finlayson
85kg Shane Orr
85kg Tim Holdsworth
85kg Steve Stockley
94kg Shane Wagner
105kg Jonathan Coy
105kg Caleb Sullivan
105kg Liam Hadfield
105kg Marcus Lewis
105kg William Freer
+105kg Jackson Solofa
+105kg Pito Levi

 Senior Women

Category Athlete Name
53kg Alicia Spencer
63kg Tai-anne Blair
63kg Leanne Knox
63kg Nadine Newberry
63kg Darcia Ondrovcik
63kg Samara Leamon
63kg Diana Loy
69kg Ebony Gorincu
75kg Lucy Graham
75kg Malgorzata Soroka
75kg Monica Lopez Villareal
75kg Stacy Koh


The Queensland Government provides funding for the Queensland Weightlifting Association to get more Queenslanders active through sport and recreation.

Published on 22 Oct 14 - 9:27

Qld All Schools Championships - schedule and preliminary entries

The 2014 Queensland All Schools Championships will be held at Toowoomba this Saturday, 25th October.

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Qld Senior & Junior Championships - Final Results

CLICK HERE  for the full results of the 2014 Queensland Senior & Junior Championships, including details of the Best Lifter Awards; and William Faulkner Performance Awards.

Published on 8 Oct 14 - 12:22

Qld Senior & Junior Championships - Day 1 results

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Published on 4 Oct 14 - 19:53

Qld Championships Final Entries

The Queensland Senior & Junior Championships will be held on Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th October at the Cougars Weightlifting Club, Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler.

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The competition will be broadcast live on YouTube.  CLICK HERE to go to the webcast.

Published on 3 Oct 14 - 16:17


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